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We passionately believe that hostels play a pivotal role in cultural exchange and acceptance all over the world. Diversity is an incredible part of life here at the Santa Cruz Hostel. Friendships and memories are made here that last a lifetime. A hostel is a different environment than a hotel – guests share space and get to know each other, and learn about traveling through each other’s experiences. Through sharing space in dorm rooms, common spaces, and the kitchen, we seek to see the similarities in those who come from different regions and cultures and learn to appreciate the diversity among all people.


Comprised of six renovated Victorian beach cottages, the Santa Cruz Hostel has the ability to accommodate up to 48 guests. Individuals, families, and groups are welcome all year round. By providing travelers with lovely, affordable, clean and safe  accommodations, the Santa Cruz Hostel promotes intercultural exchange, personal growth, and cultural awareness. Our goal is to bring the world together and build global peace and understanding through travelling and hostelling.

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Each cottage has it's own personality!  Some have full kitchens, living rooms, dining areas and patios.  Due to Covid 19, some of the amenities such as communal kitchen can not be shared.  Each cottage is historically renovated to capture a slice of what life was like in the late 1800's in Beach Hill, a lovely neighborhood steps from the beach in Santa Cruz!

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